Saturday, November 17, 2012

UT Volleyball

This is the third year in a row that my friend and I have gone to a UT volleyball game. This year we got to take my cute little guy with us! We might have gone a little crazy taking pictures of the little dude. 

Kevin was all into something! As you can tell by the second picture. I posted that one on Facebook (even with my wonky bangs) because his face is hysterical!

Oh, how I miss playing volleyball. I would pass up my afternoon nap if I could play volleyball for an hour every afternoon :)

 I love that little boy!

Yup, that one! I love this picture!

 He was such an angel while we were there! Cutest little Tennessee fan ever!

As usual, we had a great time. We ate at Olive Garden. Yum! Tennessee won their game; they played all five sets and it was a great game to watch! Even with the VERY loud "Point, Lady Vols!" every single time they scored! We also enjoyed some of the antics of the college students; they are starting to make me feel a little old! We got back late because we had a few incidents trying to get food after the game! (Yes, I was hungry again.) Looking forward to next year already!

Don't worry, Justin and Micah were well supplied at the house. They had pizza and cookies and had a great time playing and watching movies. Justin said he was glad he didn't have Kevin too because then he wouldn't have been able to move all night because he was holding the baby. hahaha I think it's good that he works and I stay home!  Lesley and I both commented that even though this was fun, we wouldn't want to do anything like that all the time! I'm so happy being home with my hubby and boys!

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