Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

I love being at home! I appreciate how hard my husband works so that I can stay home with our boys. There are so many things that I wouldn't have time to do if I had to work an outside job all day. We even skipped Toddler Time this morning and that's a regular activity for us. But we were gone on Tuesday and shopped yesterday morning and I had kitchen work to do! And there was frost on the car. And I accidentally turned my alarm off....Ok, so I just wanted to stay home! 

We roasted chicken to freeze (on the bone so I can make chicken broth tonight), cooked black beans to freeze, made granola bars and banana bread, caught up on some cleaning, played games, read, and practiced piano.  I love cooking and I'm revamping some of my regular kitchen routines to save money and provide healthier food. You'll hear about some of my new practices on Monday! 

And we took a group picture to send to Justin! Micah gets excited about taking a picture for him! Baby Kevin just looks scared!

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