Uniquely Woman: Where Womanhood and Faith Intersect

"Combining womanhood and life and discussing how they intersect with personal faith. Bloggers Lisa Hensley and Phylicia Masonheimer converse on singleness, marriage, motherhood, creativity, work, and personal growth." 

That's the official iTunes description of the podcast. What it really means is that Phylicia and I are passionate about helping other women learn to love and live for God. That's why we write and blog and why we make time to prepare and record podcasts. 

Of course, it helps that it's a lot of fun. Our hope is that it's fun for you to listen to as well. Please leave a rating and review in iTunes if you enjoy the podcast; that will help more listeners find the resources they need for life. Here's directions if you need help with that! 

You can find Uniquely Woman on Facebook  and on Instagram and you can email us at uniquelywomanpodcast@gmail.com as well. We would love to hear your questions and comments!

Episode 13: Favorite Books of the Year
Episode 14: Schedules and Motherhood

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