Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Uniquely Woman Episode 14: Schedules and Motherhood

This week Phylicia and I chat about scheduling life as mothers. We're both Type A women and we like our lists and plans and schedules. Those are harder to maintain once your home starts filling up with little people who cry and have accidents and love to snuggle.  But as I said on the podcast, "You can accomplish a lot even when you're home with small children." 

1. Give yourself grace. Everyone's story is different so your life as a mom may not look anything like another mom's life. You are adjusting to having a brand new person in your family and it takes a while to find your sweet spot. 

2. Embrace rhythms. Time-bound schedules don't work as well for getting through your typical day with kids. Put the most important- not the most impressive- things on your to-do list. 

3. Manage your expectations. Leave a cushion and set realistic goals. You can shower and do the laundry and a multitude of other things but it might not be at the time you want to do them. "You'll schedule what's important for you and your family." - Phylicia 

Also- we discuss the benefits of babywearing and possible (humorous) options for renaming the podcast.

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