Friday, November 23, 2012

More Pictures

Apparently, this week, we're just posting pictures! But we're having so much fun! :) And yes, I realize none of these are from Thanksgiving. They are all on Justin's phone.  

Baby Kevin found his thumb. Adorable! But you can take away a paci, he's going to need his thumb again...

  Cute baby! 

Baby snuggles before bed! 

Love my man! 

I "made" this cool letter learning tool for Micah and taped it to the fridge. 

Then you just match up the letters. Thanks, Pinterest! 

I've had a list of verses and concepts that I want to be sure to teach our children. So far, they had just been a list on my iPad but I saw an idea (Pinterest!) about making your own book with a scrapbook. So I started on that last night. I'm super excited about it and I have already planned to add the Romans Road and other verses to it as well. 

There are some sample pages. I'm going to add stickers and fun illustrations to keep the interest of little ones as well! 

And our first family of four picture! (Justin found an app for his iPhone that takes pictures with a timer.) God has blessed me with so much!! 

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