Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Metabolics and Elections

Micah had a metabolics appointment in Cincinnati today. We hadn't been back up since a month or two before we had Kevin so this was a first as a family of four. We, as usual, had a great time! Kevin slept almost the whole time we were in the car and Micah didn't sleep at all! He got really tired part of the way back and then picked up his second wind!

Micah's appointment went great! I am so thankful for his doctor and the great staff at CCHMC.  They are amazing and God has really blessed us with them! There are not many doctors who do what Dr. Burrow does and even fewer do it with the skill and genuine care for his patients that he has. They are pleased with Micah's health and drew blood for some labwork. Assuming it looks fine and Micah doesn't get sick he doesn't go back until May. (He'll be three then! What??)  They were excited to meet Kevin as well. Dr. Burrow asked us when we were having Number Three and we told him to hold his horses for a while :) 

We ate at Chili's and Micah sat in the booth with me. He's always sat in the high chair before. He had a great time eating chips and salsa with me. Although he's not learned about not double-dipping :) 

We did vote early this morning before we left! As I was walking in I was thanking God that we lived in a country where we get to vote for our leader! Maybe my choice won't win but I am glad that we have a voice. Many people around the world never get that chance! 

And now for your viewing pleasure (and because I love pictures of my boys!)

 Playing with pumpkins! 

And playing with pumpkin seeds. (It made me feel like a fun mom but made a huge mess and we haven't done it since! haha) 

 Cutie pie! 

Seeing some true personality here!

Playing with his kitchen equipment.

Playing the piano! 

Um...he actually moved him! 

He was almost asleep until I pulled out the iPad :) 

Yup, that's 48 pounds of boy! 

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