Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites

One of my favorite authors is Beverly Hyles. I have yet to read anything by her that didn't challenge and encourage me. I love "Woman, the Assembler." I read that book during the end of the my pregnancy with Micah and I will never be able to think of that book without remembering sitting in the NICU rereading parts of it while Micah was sleeping. I plan to buy it. I love to reread parts of books like that and I borrowed it from a friend.

I bought "I Really Am Precious to God" to read after I had Kevin. (By the way, I love buying an encouraging book to read after having a baby. It's nice for downtime in the hospital and refreshes my spirit in a transition time.)

This book is mostly about learning to accept who you are in Christ. Amazing! She has such a clear way of communicating her thoughts. She was speaking in one chapter about  becoming "the beautiful person God wants you to be." She says to begin playing a different role. Why? Because God has already said "you're loved, you're valued, you're somebody." She says to play a different role and your actions will follow. And then your feelings will follow. Because if you begin to think differently, you will act differently. And isn't that true?!

Try one of her books. They are fantastic!

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