Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We're gearing up for Thanksgiving around here; that's why I'm not posting normally this week. I've planned my menu, done my shopping, and I'm getting excited about food and family! Unfortunately, Micah's had some kind of cold but he seems to be doing better. Justin's also got a really deep voice (well, deeper than normal) but he's feeling much better too! And now for some pictures... And a recipe link.


Micah joined our nap on Sunday after he got up. He didn't go back to sleep though! 

We took a picture to send to Justin. Kevin was napping in his bed. Love my Micah! 

Smiling for Daddy at lunch! 

He's such a happy baby! 

Babies sleep. A lot. And it's adorable! 

One last picture before bed. He loves to do this with the iPad :) 

And let's talk about snicker doodles. Yes, cookies. Who makes cookies two days before Thanksgiving? Probably the same person who ate at least 13 of them today. Oops! I think I'll need to lose this recipe.  They are amazing! Go make them. But invite friends over so you don't eat them all. 

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