Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Complaining, Be Gone!

I love seeing all the thankfulness posts on Facebook. It's so cheerful! I want thankfulness to be a regular attitude of mine regardless of what month it is. And thankfulness is a good way to cut out complaining. Look at the perspective. 
-I can't complain about hating mornings because I'm alive for another day. 
-I can't complain about getting up in the mornings because I have the health and strength to get up and care for my family. For that matter, I can be thankful I have a family to care for! 
-I can't complain about getting up with Kevin at night, I have a baby. I'm up for a good reason and not because I'm ill or someone I love is ill. I'm not up because I have huge burdens on my heart that keep me from sleeping. 
-I can't complain about having to wear my glasses for a weeks instead of contacts because I can see! And I have glasses that allow me to see well. 
-I can't complain about cleaning my house; we're blessed with somewhere to live! 
-I can't complain about my husband working late or being busy. He has a job. He works hard to support our family and keep me home with our children. 
-I can't complain about disciplining or training Micah; I almost lost him when he was a baby. 
-I can't even complain about being tired. Life is tiring. And I'm glad to be alive and have the work that I do! 
I can't complain. Really. I have so much. There are people around the world who would love to have what I do. They would love to have a warm place to live and food for their children. They would love to have the freedom to worship God. 
May I use everything God has blessed me with for His glory. 

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  1. When I'm up with Londyn Grace at 3 am, I can't help but praise Him for the gift that she is! He is so good!