Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Current Rhythms of Life

I love a schedule. It's really more of a rhythm since it's constantly being thrown off by the needs of a husband and children. Gone are the days are doing a task at 10:30 sharp. Someone's going to need to sit on the potty or we're going to clean food off the floor get the idea. My little people are always more important than my to-do list. 

And yet, having a rhythm gives everyone stability. I know what to expect. I know when the work is going to be done so I don't have to stress over it. I'm getting really good at saying, "Oh, the rug needs vacuumed. That's ok because I'll do it on Monday." 

There's a lot of research (google it) about how having a schedule helps children. They know what to expect. They learn there is a time and place for activities. They grow in self-discipline as they follow a schedule. 

But our schedule is constantly changing. It changes as children stop napping or cut out a nap. It changes when things are added to your schedule. It changes as children grow and start doing new things. It changes as seasons of life change. Moves, job transitions, new babies, and new responsibilities all affect the rhythm of life. That's why I prefer to call it a rhythm. 

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So what does our rhythm look like now? 

Mondays are cleaning day. We do all of our major cleaning on Mondays now. I really like this change and it's still pretty new. While it does make Monday a full day it frees up time on other days.  It typically takes all day to clean the whole house because I stop frequently to read books, practice piano, play outside, cook, snuggle the baby, do laundry, etc. That's the whole point of being here! 

Tuesdays (over the summer) a teen girl from church spends the day with us. We bake, play with the boys, and chat. It's a lot of fun! 

Wednesdays (every other week) are shopping day! And I mean groceries. I do NOT prefer to go clothes shopping with small children and the budget prefers I don't do that every other week anyway :) Shopping typically takes us out of the house from after breakfast to just before lunch. 

Thursdays alternate. One week we have a playdate with a friend and her little boy. The other week (after shopping day) we have kitchen day. We bake, freeze meat, make chicken broth; generally we prepare the food we bought the day before. Again, this takes all day because we are doing all of our "normal" activities too. 

Fridays we go to Toddler Time and then have Date Night once the boys are in bed. 

Weekends don't change that much. We are pretty busy at church and then Justin does yard work and sometimes parents visit. 

We make it a priority for the boys and I to be home as much as possible. How else can we read stacks of books, play games, go for walks, swing, snuggle, and learn new things if we're not here?  It you're going to be a homemaker you have to be there! If you are going to train children, it's easiest at home.

Home is Micah's favorite place right now. It's not unusual for him to ask when we are going home soon after we arrive somewhere else. I want to make home a place they enjoy the entire time they live here. Our rhythm helps us do that. And of course the rhythm benefits my husband too. He enjoys a clean house, clothes to wear, yummy food, happy children, and plenty of fun! 

Of course we have a daily rhythm of when we eat, play, practice, rest, read, and all that other stuff. But this has gone on long enough! 

What's your rhythm? What's your secret for making it work for your family?

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