Monday, July 29, 2013

Tune My Heart, Turn My Hands

Mondays are our big housekeeping days. We clean the whole house, we do laundry, and we try to do most of our normal things as well. And by normal I mean reading to the boys, playing outside, quiet time, piano practice, and eating. Eating's pretty much non-negotiable. 

I don't dread Mondays but there is a lot to do. So what helps me? The right attitude of course. My main priority is training my children not cleaning the house. I will gladly leave some of the work for Tuesday in order to concentrate on what's really important. So what helps me have the right attitude when I'm training and cleaning? 
So will I sing praise unto thy name forever, that I may daily perform my vows.  Psalm 61:8
I praise God. I thank God for my day and praise Him for His goodness while I'm cleaning toilets and instructing Micah. While I change diapers, wipe little hands, and change out the laundry, I can be thankful for disposable diapers (props to you people who use cloth!), babies in my house, and a washer and dryer!

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Praising God- recognizing Who He is and what He's done for me- gives me the strength and motivation to do my work.  God wants my heart and my hands every day. He wants my heart tuned to Him. I need to be sensitive to His direction for my day and let Him live through me. And then I need to turn my hands to the work He has given me for the day. 

Tune my heart. 
Turn my hands.  
And in that order. 

And I am to perform this work. Make it beautiful. Pursue excellence. Recognize the value of my work just like any artist's work.  Homemaking, mothering, being a wife- it's anything but boring.

This life that I've given to God is my vow. It's unquestionable, just like our marriage vow is supposed to be. It's not a question of whether or not I feel like it in the morning. God demands my everything. 

So I'm going forth today with praise. Knowing Who God and reminding myself of Him encourages me to continue.

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