Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How Do I Obey?

The boys and I are reading through the Gospels and Psalms at breakfast and I was stopped in my tracks yesterday. Or stopped in my reading.  Here's what I read. 
I thought on my ways, and turned my feet unto thy testimonies. I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments. Psalm 119:59-60
How much thought do I really put into my life? I remember our Pastor preaching about this one time. There are Bible verses about considering my paths. It makes sense to consider what I am doing. But what's my purpose in this consideration? This verse tells me what my purpose is supposed to be: I am supposed to be aligning my life with the Bible. 

I need to evaluate my life by the Bible and change what doesn't match. Constantly consider if I am following or violating Biblical principles. Turning takes effort. It might not be easy- probably won't be easy- to change because I am going against the flesh. But I am to turn my feet. God isn't just going to zap me from heaven and change me into a Bible-living Christian. I have to turn myself when God reveals a digression from His Word. 

There are endless "ways" to contemplate and compare to the Bible. My speech. My mothering. My marriage. My priorities. My love. You get the idea; I will never arrive. I can apply this verse every single day. 

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How quick am I to obey the Bible? Micah and I have been continuing to work on obeying "right away." It's a habit I want to form early in his life so that when he grows up (hopefully- he has to make his own choices) he will obey God right away. Nothing good comes from delaying obedience and frequently bad things come from disobedience. (Delayed obedience is disobedience.) 

But what about me? How do I obey? When God reveals something to me, whether in Bible reading, personal rebuke from a mentor,  or the preaching, how quickly to I obey? Do I make excuses for why I don't have to obey right then? I need to form a habit in myself of immediately doing what God tells me. Nothing spooky here- what He tells me in His Word. There's more than enough there to last me a lifetime without adding weird stuff. God will bless my habit of obedience. 

This was not in my personal reading yesterday but it stuck with me all day long. Writing about it helps cement the idea in my heart and mind so that it is more likely to become part of me.  I've commented to Justin before that I learn far more than my children in their training and instruction. And let me tell you, I really need it. 

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