Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Things I Learned Last Week

Last week my husband took a business trip to Atlanta. He's never been gone for a week before so it was an interesting experience for everyone. His training went well and we learned some interesting things. 

1. I have the utmost respect for military families. I have friends and family who have had husbands deployed for parts (or all of) a year! I cannot imagine how much courage and stamina that takes. 

2. We're so country. We were very impressed by the 19 floors in one of the office buildings. Sad, I know. 

3. Justin knows about my food love and therefore took pictures of all his food. He's a good man. He ate at an authentic taqueria and from a food truck! And let's not talk about the Chick-fil-A every morning. 

4. Facetime is awesome.  Awesome! 'Nuff said. 

5. If Justin were gone often I might gain weight because I bake to console myself in his absence. 

6. I only checked the closet once the whole time he was gone. Points for me. 

7. However if something falls in the bathroom cabinet in the middle of the night it is scary. 

8. Apparently I stay up late and watch movies. I meant to go to bed early. I love nighttime. Why, why must I love evenings? 

9. Home really is where the husband is. 

10. One last thing...I just figured out that I place higher expectations on myself for attitude and work ethic when Justin's gone. Mostly because I know that I have to handle it.  I want to work on being dedicated to my "work" when he's here so I can be a blessing to him as well. Higher expectations for me instead of for him. 

And I don't mind if he never goes away again :) 

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