Monday, July 1, 2013

5 Reasons I'm Glad My Blog Isn't Big

I've been reading an Ebook by a blogger who was offered a book deal because of the success of her blog, actually a three book deal! She was so excited and took the offer; then she realized she was missing the important stuff. Stuff that was more important than blogging or books or money or fame. 

 It made me realize that I'm glad that no one hardly anyone reads my blog. Why? Well, I thought of five reasons. There are probably more but these were the essentials. 

1. There's no pressure. If I were to not post for a month because life got busy or I had nothing to say, no one would be emailing me asking where I was. 

2. It's my own little world. If I want to post pictures of my adorable kids in every post, I can. If I want to tell you how I feel about drinking Dr. Pepper or eating pretzel bread, I can. 

3. My writing style definitely needs improving. And I think it is! Don't believe me? Go back and read from the first year I blogged.

 Actually, don't. It's that bad. 

photo courtesy of stuart miles/

4. I never worry about how many people "like," "share," or ignore my  posts. I do nothing to promote my blog. (Actually, that's one of the reasons hardly anyone reads my blog.) The most I do is on occasion link a post to Facebook, but I rarely do that. 

5. I don't get hate mail. And there are plenty of people who hate what I write. But they don't know it's here so they don't read it and then they don't email me about it! Or comment on it. Pretty great, right?? 

I truly enjoy blogging. I like the thought that I have to put into ideas to make it understandable. I like having the record of our family and different things we are doing. My goal is for my posts to line up with the Bible and it's fun to share that. But I'm glad that, at least for now, it's just for fun. 

So if you're reading this, I'm glad! If you're not, well, I'm glad of that too. 


  1. I'm with you! This is so true for me too. I love blogging as my version of scrapbooking. One day I'll print it all out! :o)
    Your little boys are always fun posts. They are such cuties!

  2. Thanks! I have to admit that I think they are adorable too :) Ha! It is a great (cheaper) version of scrapbooking. Printing it is a good idea!

  3. Hi. I don't remember when or how I found your blog, but I just thought I should take this opportunity to tell you that I love it. I especially appreciate the challenging and inspirational posts. It encourages me when I read of another who is on this journey of marriage and mothering and is real about wanting to be the best she can be with God's help, but is real about the journey it is, too. I try to make sure I can "catch up" and read it every Sunday afternoon while the children (ages almost 2 and 1/2 years and 10 months) and hubby get their naps. :) So, even if your blog isn't very big, I hope you keep blogging. :)

    Thank you and God bless!
    Peach Bottom, PA

  4. Thank you for taking the time to tell me that! I'm so glad it's encouraging to you and you enjoy it! And I have every intention to keep blogging :) All us wives/mommies have to stick together!

    Enjoy your family this week!!