Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Experiment

Monday I did something that I hadn't done in several years. No, I didn't sleep until 11.  I cleaned my whole house in one day. 

(You were waiting on something more exciting than that, weren't you?) 

That's right. I cleaned the whole thing, minus the mopping. (But that's because my mop broke and we sent it back and I don't have the new one yet.) It didn't seem to take that long and I felt really accomplished. So accomplished that I wanted to mention it on Facebook. I didn't. Just like I wanted to mention on Facebook that I weigh less now than I did when I went to college. So far I haven't. Not saying it's not going to happen though. 

I got started before the boys woke up; finished some more once I got Micah going and then did a little more after Kevin was up. We had the majority of it finished before we ate our late breakfast. 

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Now I've always been a scheduled-let's-do-a-little-every-day kinda cleaner. But I've read that this one day cleaning is a common practice of moms with many and I figured it might help even though I just have two. So for June I'm going to try doing all my cleaning on Mondays.

  • I picked Monday because the house always seems especially dirty after the weekends. 
  • I still clean up the kitchen and sweep every day. 
  • I'll still wipe up the bathroom on Fridays. They just get gross. 
These past two days I've really enjoyed not needing to clean. I want to use the extra time to do "preschool" activities with Micah. He seemed to really enjoy them yesterday. 

I think the key will be getting an early start. If I'm up cleaning and doing laundry early on Monday then I think it won't present a problem. Now if we have a late start on a Monday, this will probably stress me out.  

So here's to mornings. At least Monday mornings.

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