Monday, June 3, 2013

Asian Bowls

I sat and stared at this picture for a good ten minutes and didn't come up with anything to say. (Ok, really we're watching the end of Star Trek: Voyager and I was distracted. I hate for any show to end but they did a decent job on this one.) My hubby typed a few sentences and that was enough to let me know I couldn't let him write the post! 

This is a very simple dish that can be modified easily to create many varieties. Easy "asian" food.

It's yummy. 

I would eat it now if I had any. 

I'm going to keep it simple. You need some rice. I've been using brown rice that I've cooked in chicken broth. So yummy and the brown is much better for us. 

Then you need veggies. I've been boiling carrots and then adding broccoli for the last few minutes until both are barely tender. Salt and pepper, people. They'll get extra flavor from the sauce at the end. 

Then you need meat. I've used chicken but this would be delicious with steak too, or even pork. 
You can try this or this or this. (Although I cook the teriyaki chicken in a pan instead of the crock-pot.) I usually make extra sauce to pour over the whole thing. And sometimes, I put mushrooms in with the meat. Yum! 

Use a bowl, unless you're really hungry- then use a plate. Rice first. Then spread veggies over the rice. Then meat over the veggies. And then pour, ok, maybe drizzle, the sauce over the meal. 

This would be especially fast if you already had the rice cooked! But even with cooking the rice-especially instant- this is fast, delicious, and healthy! Oh, and it's cheap too! 

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