Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Favorites

A lady at church gave us an ice cream maker! It's amazing! We made strawberry sorbet in it and it was so yummy!  And I didn't take a picture. What on earth is wrong with me?? 

This article about motives for dress was really good. Too often we are dressing to impress other women. Why do we wear what we wear? 

Fuzzy picture. Happy boy! 

Skillet Foccacia Bread- you MUST make this. It's amazing. And so easy. 

Another happy boy! 

Someone shared this on Facebook so I have no credit for it...but I loved this quote. It's so true. 

Pretzel bread! Yes, I can seriously eat a whole loaf in one sitting. They're smaller than they look. Ok, not really...

And I'm thankful I didn't burn the house down. If you are not attempting to set something on fire you should not put dough in the oven to rise and then turn on the broiler ten minutes later. And I really liked that bowl. Thankfully nothing actually caught on fire. My guardian angel is going to ask for a reassignment. 

My parents are visiting today so we are having fun with them! Enjoy your weekend! 

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