Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Favorites

I love music. Pandora always sends me an email toward the end of the month telling me that I only have x number of free listening hours left. It's always sad. (Anybody want to buy me a year subscription to Pandora One??) But rhythms are an essential part of music. They make the music work; they make the music enjoyable. And rhythms in life are equally wonderful. The same things repeated over and over at the appropriate time make life beautiful and stable. 

We have a few rhythms specifically for our marriage. I love being married to my husband but it's an intentional building of our relationship. I love to go on dates with my hubby. No kids, a nice restaurant, that whole spill. But that's expensive, you need babysitters, and you have to be back by bedtime! So one of our rhythms is Friday Night Date Night at home. We  started this a few months ago and it's one of our favorites. How do we do it? 

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1. We put the boys in bed early! Or at least we try to. We tend to take forever with the bedtime routine because we're having too much fun. Good problem to have, right? 

2. We alternate picking movies. So far I've taken pity on the man and not picked a musical. You have to draw the line somewhere. The line also says I don't have to watch Forrest Gump

3. We have dessert! I almost always make a dessert on Friday and we share it during the movie. (Usually this is our only dessert of the week.) One time we did have pizza; we were going to eat such a late dinner that we decided to just wait. That was fun too. 

4. No technology or other work. We don't surf Facebook or write blog posts. We don't fold laundry or work out. We just spend time together. No, really, we're those annoying people that talk all through movies. About the movie and anything else that comes to mind too. 

So far we've watched a movie every time although we've not always finished them. Namely when the movie was long and a teething baby was up and down the whole time! Life happens; but if you don't attempt something it will never happen! We frequently end up in the yard looking at the garden and daydreaming before we start the movie though. 

What are some ways you build your marriage? What else would you do on your in home dates? 

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