Monday, January 21, 2013

Favorite Meal Comparisons

Justin and I sat down over the weekend and tallied up our favorite ten meals. It was a fun conversation for both of us over lunch. I thought I would share our lists; I was surprised at how little overlap there was. 

Justin's list: 
1. Beef wellington and mashed potatoes
3. Potato cakes
5. French dip sandwiches
7. Beef roast

Lisa's list: 
4. Hamburgers and twice-baked potatoes
5. French bread pizza
8. Spaghetti

 Justin's meals were heavy on the meat and mine on the carbs. Can you tell our first food loves? 

This little exercise will definitely help me meal plan! I would like to have a good balance between meat and carb concentrated meals, for health as well as enjoyment. (Yes, yes, we'll have vegetables too!) And we've only had French dip sandwiches once; I'll have to remedy that. 

Have you ever compared your favorite foods to your husband's or a close friend's? 

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