Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites

Bread! I love bread!! This honey oat bread is amazing! Check it out :) 

 Ok, I made the french bread again today. A double batch this time. And it turned out even better than last time. I think the trick is to let it rise four or five times. It really doesn't take any longer as long as you're home because you just punch it down and go on. It freezes great too.

Birthday money= birthday shoes!! $8 on clearance!! I love clearance. Aren't these gorgeous? My old pair of black heels I bought before I was pregnant with Micah. They were well over-due for the trash can. Seriously, I hadn't worn them in forever because they were sad.

We had company for dinner last night. That means company mashed potatoes. So not healthy. 

 My baby love investigating the sunlight! Isn't he the most adorable little thing in the whole world?? 

This is the cutest picture of Micah! 

And this is the funniest picture of Micah! haha 

 Baby fun before bed!