Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Now that baby Kevin is several months old, I've gone back to a more "normal" morning routine. I like it. And I hate it. Mornings aren't my thing. I always feel like I've been asleep only thirty minutes when my alarm goes off and if I'm dreaming I frequently can't figure out what's really going on. But if I get up I realize it's not so bad- after about fifteen minutes. :)

But that morning time is precious enough for me to fight this battle every day. Once I put in my contacts and get a glass of water, I settle down at the kitchen table to read my Bible. I don't dare sit on the couch. It's very comfortable and I'll sleep. But I usually get a good hour before Micah wakes up. Sometimes I even get my hair fixed first!

Our preacher made a statement in marriage class that really stuck with me. He said that we could try to improve one area of our life and we might succeed. But it would probably only be at the detriment of other areas that are also important. We, as humans, can only concentrate on so many things. But if our focus is to grow closer to God, He can change us for all the areas in our life that we are called to. If I focus on my marriage, I may slack off on mothering and vice versa. But if I focus on drawing close to God, He will give me wisdom for all areas of my life. That time in my Bible is so necessary for my whole life.

Set your whole heart on the Word of God! Some people like to read so many chapters every day. I would not dissuade them from the practice, but I would rather lay my soul soaking in half a dozen verses all day than I would, as it were, rinse my hands in several chapters.
Oh, to bathe in a text of Scripture and to let it be sucked up into your very soul till it saturates your heart! -Spurgeon


  1. I often have the same scripture on my heart for several days. I'll read it and meditate on it. Until the Lord changes my heart to a different scripture. I'm like you if I'm on the couch I will fall asleep. Thank the Lord for a dining room table. LOL!!
    Have a great day! I enjoyed your post.

  2. So true! I have a Bible reading plan that I have laid out for myself, but I have learned to allow myself flexibility with it. I would much rather get something to "chew" on out of a smaller portion than be consumed with having to read a set amount. The important thing is to read my Bible daily and have a relationship with my Jesus. I think we lose sight of that in our attempts to accomplish something good. Glad you are enjoying your mornings! Have a great week! Robyn

  3. Thanks, ladies! Glad to know we all work on this. And yes, I have a Bible reading plan to but sometimes I need to stop and concentrate.