Monday, October 1, 2012

October, Really?

Where has this year gone? Hard to believe there are only three months left before we start a new year. It's getting dark earlier, the leaves are changing colors, I'm starting to look forward to Christmas and my babies are growing up! Kevin will be a month old tomorrow and Micah will be two and a half at the end of the month! Something about that makes me stop to reevaluate how intentionally I am spending my time.

I am so thankful that God takes the time to answer our smallest prayers for wisdom, ideas, and creativity! God has all the answers to the questions I don't even ask!

 Hubby and his mini-me!
 Sunday afternoon nap with baby Kevin!
And there are my wonderful motivators for change! Honestly, nothing has made me more aware of how much I need God than being a mom. (It has also revealed how selfish I am too!) I cannot go back and relive these years of our marriage or raise my children again so I need God's wisdom for what I am doing!

Over the next few weeks I plan on sharing some of the ideas I've been mulling over and attempting to implement. I've even pulled in a few resources (read: Pinterest!). So here's to rethinking before the new year.

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