Monday, October 8, 2012


I signed up for a Pinterest account several months ago and left it sitting because it seemed like a great way to waste more time online :) But after much persuasion I checked it out a couple of weeks ago....and I'm a huge fan! I try to refrain from pinning cute pictures and quotes and go with things that are actually helpful like recipes and toddler activities. (Not because I don't love quotes...I DO! But in the interest of time managment I've avoided them.)
Last Friday night I made these baked donuts. They were amazing and really simple. And much healthier than I would have expected! I am so excited about doing my meal plan this week with the new recipes I've found too! 

If you click on the picture of the donuts it should take you to the website with the recipe. Yum! I shouldn't make these very often!  Expect to see some more Pinterest-inspired meals over the next few weeks!
I've also found some fun sewing projects for whenever I carve out some time to sew :) 

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