Friday, October 5, 2012

A Day in Pictures

I started taking pictures in the morning and just kept taking them. About half way through the morning I decided to just do the whole day in pictures. I love to be able to look back at what we've been doing.
 Homemade banana bread for breakfast!
 Making rolls for ham sandwiches at lunch!
 Kneading bread dough is great fun!
 We read great piles of books around here. This was only two of them.
 What happened to morning awake time? :) And yes, I was playing the piano while he slept.
 Micah playing with toys.
 Micah's turn!
 We dump out all the toys during piano practice.
  Laundry and ironing.
 Hello, Baby!
 Cleaning the living room.
 Micah played on the back porch while I cooked lunch.
 Mary Poppins after naptime. Obviously Micah was mesmerized by the iPad.
 Kevin all wrapped up for our walk. Justin had a discipleship session so we went to the playground!
 Micah ready for the walk!
 Daddy's home!
 A late dinner.
 Tomatoes from the garden still. Maybe more homemade tomato soup?
 Micah's formula.
 Micah helps put Kevin's lotion on after his bath.  Love my boys!
Playing with Daddy before reading and going to bed.

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