Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Helpful Habits

There's a quote on our church sign right now that says, "First we make our habits, then our habits make us."  Isn't that true? Our habits can help us do the right thing or encourage us to do wrong. They can spur us on to discipline or cause us to be idle. And I've found there are some helpful habits when it comes to running our home. They cause things to go more smoothly and help me stress out less about getting things done. And that's a good thing! Here are a few things I do to help myself out.

Start the night before. I hate mornings so anything I can do to make them nicer is helpful :)

  • Clean kitchen. I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen. I feel behind before I've even started. 
    • Start dishwasher
    • Wash any other items
    • Take out trash
    • Lay out a new towel and dishcloth
    • Sweep the floor
  • Prepare first load of laundry so I can put it in as soon as I get up. 
  • Lay out the next day's clothes.
  • Pack diaper bag and snacks if we are going anywhere in the morning.
  • Plan my morning time. 

My goal for in the morning is to start my day before my family starts theirs. I need that quiet time and I feel much less rushed if I wake up for my family instead of to my family. 
  • Bible study. Right now I'm doing this while I'm up with Kevin through the night. 
  • Appearance. I prefer to have my hair and makeup done before Micah gets up and Justin leaves for work. That's the goal.
  • Check what's for dinner. That way I know what prep needs to be done and when I need to start it. 
  • I also normally check my email and facebook and read blog posts. 
Micah and I have normal morning chores. We unload the dishwasher, start and change out laundry, and occasionally even do our daily cleaning before breakfast. We listen to our church's podcasts during this time too. Then we eat and brush our teeth. 

As you know, I have a weekly cleaning schedule and errand day. We pick up toys before naptime and before bedtime at least. We try to get to them before lunch and supper too. We do pick up the toys in one room before we go play or work in another. 

There are two new habits I am trying to start this week. These areas always stress me out trying to plan a time for them to get done so I've broken them down. I'm going to try to plan two meals a day (except for on shopping days) and iron for 15 minutes either before or after lunch. We are always working in the kitchen then so it fits in fine.I so dislike that stack of ironing in my laundry room and how long it takes to do it!  And I hate realizing I need to go grocery shopping in two day and I haven't even thought about a new menu! I would like to plan those two meals during my morning time but I could do them before I nap in the afternoon if necessary. I'll let you know how I come along with those! 

I hope to continue evaluating my habits and adjusting them to help our home run smoother. I want to use my time well and not waste mental effort when I could do it almost subconsciously. 

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