Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Faithfulness = Consistency

I want to be a consistent person. And I just realized that faithfulness is consistency. By forming habits I am practicing consistency and developing faithfulness. And I just have to be faithful to what I am doing now. 

Faithful to exactly what I need to be doing RIGHT now....not the rest of my life. Not even the whole day. Just now. 
Faithful to get up when my alarm goes off. 
Faithful to read my Bible and pray. 
Faithful to fix breakfast
-do the laundry
-clean the house
-read to my children
-feed Kevin
-discipline Micah
-play basketball
-fix lunch
-take naps
-fix dinner
-plan meals
-schedule my kids
-practice piano
-greet my husband with a kiss
-clean up the kitchen
-go to church
-prepare breakfast for the bus kids
-go soul-winning
-put the kids in bed
-write my blog posts
-go to bed at a decent hour

Faithfulness is not serving God for however many years, months, days I have left. Faithfulness is serving God right now. This very moment. Doing exactly what He would have me do. 
If it's not impressive. 
If nobody notices. 
If it's the routine, the mundane. 
If I repeat it every single day of my life. 

Be faithful just by showing up and doing what I'm supposed to. 


  1. Thank you for this post! Something I am working on day by day.

  2. Lisa, This is such a wonderful post. Thank you for writing it. It was such a blessing.
    Have a great day!