Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Story

I am writing a story. And like any good story, it will be read by many people. My husband, my children, my friends, my church family, extended family. Also others on a smaller basis...doctors, grocery store cashiers, librarians, people I visit soul-winning, my husband's colleagues. Everybody I meet will read part of my story.
Every single day is recording part of this story of my life. Unlike a book, I can't go back and edit the past. What's done is done, permanently inked into the pages. The only thing I can change is now. I can't change outcomes or the actions of others like I could as the author of a book. I am not the author: God is. I am only one character and I can only change my part in my story.

Some people will also tell my story. Some people will tell small chapters of my life as it affected them. Some people will tell larger portions because they were an integral part of the story. My husband, for example, is the other main character in this tale. But probably no one will tell and relive this story as much as my children. My story will influence every day of their childhood and many days beyond that.  My story will shape their attitudes. My story will affect their actions and decisions. My story is important. Not because I am important but because it influences those who are important to me. 

Every routine, every day affects what my children remember as their childhood. Do we play? Is there music? Is our home fun?  Our marriage changes the way they view relationships.  Are we in love? Do we find time for each other? How do we talk to each other?

My words tell my children about their worth, their importance. Do I want to be here with them? Do I treasure their part in our family? Do I take the time to teach and train them? Do I teach them to enjoy work?
My relationship with God steers my whole story. It guides my emotions during tough times. It chooses my words and my attitudes. I don't have to tell people about this aspect of my life because it screams in their faces as they watch the story unfold. Do I teach my children about Jesus? Does the Bible really affect how I live my life? Do I teach them to view life through the lens of Truth?

My children's version of this story will be different from mine. More important than what I will say about myself is the impact I have on others. I cannot fool those who see me day in and day out. They see the real me and someday it will be told in their story. 

Today is a blank page. And this is my only chance to write it. 
This post was inspired by a post by Courtney at Women Living Well. Please visit and read!
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