Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favorites

I love running. I hate running. We love and hate each other.

I hate running because it hurts. It hurts my legs, my lungs, and my hairdo. (ha!)
I hate running because someone else has to watch my kids. (i.e. the hubby) and sometimes it's hard to work into the schedule.
I hate running because I'd rather sit on the couch. Seriously, wouldn't you?

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But I also love running.
I love running because it makes me feel better when I'm done.
I love running for what it does for the number on the scale and the muscles in my legs.
I love running because there are at least twenty blissful minutes alone. No crying, no correction, no cooking, no cleaning.
I love running because of how refreshed those minutes alone make me feel when I'm back home.
I love running for the time to dream and pray.

The nights are getting longer. It gets dark earlier and I won't be running often. But when I do know that I will be hating it...but I will be loving it more.

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