Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Conclusions

We exchanged Christmas presents with some friends this weekend. They got me this lovely picture to go in our bedroom! It's exactly what I wanted!

We're doing black, white, and gray with the purple.

Now for some wonderful pictures of the little boy. You know you were wanting to see his cute face!

"Falling" off the dinosaur!

He loved this!

Frozen broccoli makes him giggle!

He loves to sit up here on the counter!

And, of course, Mary Poppins. The first thing he wants to do in the morning is turn on Mary Poppins. I tell him he at least has to eat breakfast first! :)

On a more serious note, I found this article very interesting. It makes several good points. "Why the World Hates the Duggars"

And to end on a lighter note, this video is hilarious!

Enjoy the start of a new week!


  1. The black and white photograph picture over your bed looks lovely. I LOVE black and white photos!

    Your little boy is certainly adorable, and he has such a lovely smile. I am sure he is quite a joy and a blessing for you. :)

    I read some of the article regarding hatred towards The Duggars. I truly don't understand why people are always getting angry with them. I find it truly shameful and disappointing.

    Lastly, that video was quite entertaining. I was amazed that the man receiving the order was able to remember everything the men were singing, ha, ha! :)


    -M. Wildflower

  2. Thank you! I love black and white photos as well! And yes, our little boy is such a joy! I can't imagine life without him :)

    The Duggars are criticized because they are so different and that scares people. Whatever happened to the cry for tolerance?? :)

    The video cracked us up and I just had to share! Glad you enjoyed it!