Monday, December 5, 2011

Kingsport Weekend

We've talked about my love for Mary Poppins, right? No? Well, I LOVE Mary Poppins. When I was little I wanted to be Mary Poppins. She's everything that women on tv aren't anymore. She's cheerful, good with children, and feminine. Now Micah just loves the music :)

It's the only thing he actually watches!

He sits for a few minutes and then gets up and changes positions. Then watches some more!

I made Micah some low-protein banana bread and I must say, it was delicious! I had several people try it and they didn't know it was low-protein. (And on that note, we really have started working on a low-protein blog.)

Micah in the car. No, he didn't ride there :) But he likes to "drive" and honk the horn.

We went to a basketball game at our high school. Yes, we were high school sweethearts! I know, it's cute :) Anyway, back to the game....Micah loved the game! He would get so excited when everybody clapped and cheered and he clapped and slung slobber everywhere.

Yes, that used to be us. And I was assured that we looked that young too.

Justin's senior year in the same gym.

This little snowman dances and sings. Micah was very captivated.

Micah and my papaw.

Micah and Mamaw Jane. Obviously he was having fun! These are his only living great-grandparents.

Micah and Justin at my grandparent's house. Seriously the cutest little face in the world!!

Of course we had a great time visiting with both sets of parents. And I came home with a huge stack of books too!

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