Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Favorites: G-tubes

I never thought I'd hear myself say, "Wow, I'm glad Micah has a g-tube." Well, at least not before he had one placed. But wow, am I glad Micah has a g-tube!!

He started getting sick on Monday and we just assumed that he had a cold. And he got a little worse and a little worse. Then yesterday, he didn't want to eat or drink so we were planning on putting his formula through his g-tube. Except it didn't work correctly. It hadn't been used in several months and we weren't sure it was even still correctly placed.

So after talking to his metabolic doctor, we took him to the Corbin ER and had them check his g-tube placement. They flushed it and flushed it and finally got it working correctly. They even did a x-ray to make sure it was placed in his stomach. They also diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection and gave him antibiotics. After three hours we were sent back home.

The cool thing was that the physician assistant's that served us was the same one we saw the last time we were in the E.R. He remembered us too. He said he always remembered his patients with rare diseases. :)

Micah was actually much worse today. He's eaten a banana. That's it. And the boy loves to eat. He's had diarrhea from the antibiotics and he's thrown up twice. But he was doing better tonight than he was this morning. We've been tubing 3 ounces of Gatorade every hour and we're going to tube Gatorade three time tonight as well.

Tomorrow his doctor really wants his to get half of his protein from food but if he won't eat still we are going to give him Pediasure through his g-tube.

And while we're on the subject, Micah's metabolic doctor is awesome!! He's on vacation with his family for Christmas and I've talked to him on the phone twice today and Justin several times more than that! And that's just today! We're so thankful to have such a great doctor! He's been doing everything he can to keep us out of the hospital and take care of Micah.

We've already canceled our plans for traveling for Christmas so we'll be at home letting the little boy recuperate. I hope he starts to feel better soon! And Justin's parents came up yesterday and my parents will be up on Monday so we get two Christmas celebrations!


  1. praying for little man hoping he feels better today! :)

  2. Hope your little guy is feeling better.