Monday, September 9, 2013

Mornings: Game Plan

Nothing sounds like a good idea in the morning. So I can't wait to come up with my plan then. The plan would involve rolling back over and closing my eyes. Nothing feels better than going back to sleep in the morning. Unless it's chocolate. That might be a tie. 

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1. So first I make myself get out of bed! Then I go fix my hair and put on some makeup. For whatever reason it's one of my least favorite things to do and that gets it out of the way at the beginning. It also gives me a good chance to realize that I'm alive!  That seems to be a crucial step in getting anything accomplished. 

2. The second thing I do is my Bible study. It's the most necessary part of the day and I don't want to miss it. (I'd do it first but most of the time I'd sleep through it. That seems unproductive.) The goal is to get my reading finished before the boys get up. But if not, they play or snuggle while I read. 

If I have "free" time when the boys are sleeping I'm bad for wasting it because I can't decide what to do. There are so many things I would like to do that I can't pick one. So the next part gets tricky for me; therefore, I have a plan. 

3. If I've gotten up early enough (and it's not the weekend or Monday) then I have a few minutes to read a book that I'm working through (remember that reading program?) or write for a bit. I actually really like snatching a few minutes here and there for my writing. It ends up being much more edited this way. 

See? Mornings= read and writing. Occasionally I'll sit down at the keyboard to go over a song but not usually. I save that for quiet time in the afternoons. 

4. Next I start working! There's something about knowing I'm ahead for my day that I love! This includes starting laundry, unloading the dishwasher, opening curtains, making the bed, etc. And if it's Monday and I'm cleaning I get started as quickly as possible and see how much can be done before the boys wake up. I like to challenge myself. Try it. But challenge yourself. Not me. 

By this point the boys are up and we are off to breakfast and  playing outside! Micah says, "I go out there" or "walk" first thing every morning. I always tell him we have to eat breakfast first. Love my breakfast! He really does too. 

There's my game plan. Without it I decide that I have nothing to do and there is not any reason for me to get out of bed.

What are your goals for the morning? 

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