Monday, September 2, 2013

Kevin's One!

Kevin turns one today!

 This has undoubtedly been the fastest year of my life. The first year with a second baby was dramatically different from the first year with the first baby. 

~Motherhood seemed gentler the second time around. I think mostly because I knew more of what to expect. It's easier to add a baby into a schedule with children than a baby into a schedule without children.  It was much easier to say, "It'll pass" when I was struggling because this time I knew it really would.  It was easier because, thankfully, I've grown in Christ since I had Micah. 

And let's face it.....any baby's easy after Micah's rough start. 

~Motherhood seemed more focused the second time around. I realized how quickly the time was going to pass and I enjoyed it more instead of worrying about when "___" was going to happen. I only get one chance to raise these children to serve God. 

~Motherhood seemed more purposeful the second time around. I know that God is doing a sanctifying work in me through the process of raising these children. I read a beautiful illustration in a book about how sunflower seeds had to die to become those gorgeous, tall, statement flowers. And we have to die to self before God can make us into something beautiful. And every time I got up one more time, wiped one more nose, and picked up cheerios I asked God to please be making me into something beautiful. What a wonderful reminder that God is always at work. 

Motherhood is bittersweet. Some part of me wants to cry over baby pictures and tiny snuggles that have turned into trying to walk and toothy grins. Another part of me rejoices in watching my child grow and blossom into his own little self. (Makes me feel a little schizophrenic really.)

Happy Birthday, baby boy! Mama loves you! 


  1. Oh goodness! I knew it was getting close, but I didn't realize it was this close! How in the world does time pass so quickly?

    Happy Birthday, Kevin!! I hope you guys have a great day!

  2. Happy birthday, handsome boy! Can't believe you're one already! LG is right behind you!