Monday, September 23, 2013

Mornings: Wrap-up

So now that we all love mornings...

Wait, wait, that's somebody else. 

But now that we know why we're getting up and what we're doing when we're up how's it working out? 

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Mornings are still not my thing; they probably won't ever be. But they serve a valuable purpose in my life and set the tone for my whole day. I know from experience that I struggle much more with my day when I get up late (as in with the boys) instead of being up before them and getting myself fed first. Sometimes it's unavoidable but I don't ever want it to be a habit. I would be robbing myself and my family of the best that I can give them. 

Businessmen, teachers, professors, artists all get up for their work. They make a point to be ready for the day instead of just letting it happen to them. My job is just as important to these people in my home as a teacher's job is to her students. When I am focused on God's vision for my work I am motivated to work and encouraged to learn. But I have to keep my eyes on God and I need that morning time to do that. 

And let's face it- there are more fun things to do than clean and do laundry (although both are necessary). I want to read with the boys, play outside, bake bread, play the piano, teach Micah his letters, snuggle Kevin before he gets any bigger.  I don't want to waste valuable daytime doing things I could have already done. 

So how can your mornings help you? Challenge yourself. Don't just trudge through your day; find ways to help yourself do it better. 

Make your mornings work for you. 
Make your lunchtime work for you.
Make your playtime work for you. 
God has given you this life. Give it back to Him. 
Grow and learn. 
Serve your family.
Develop your talents. 
Love your husband. 
Teach your children. 

Live with purpose. Start your day with purpose. 

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