Friday, September 20, 2013

9 Things For When You're Not Feeling It

Having a rough week? 

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1. Don't constantly talk about your problems. Take them to Jesus. Beverly Hyles once said, "Make your work look easy, even when it's not." 

2. Rise to the challenge. Don't quit; don't give in; don't bow to pressure. Let God make you just a little bit more like Jesus through your difficulties today. 

3. Be a light. It's a great testimony to live your daily (mundane) life joyfully especially if you are facing discouragement. 

4. Center your day around Jesus. Release your expectations for what your day should look like and embrace what God brings you. 

5. This is just the beginning. Unless you go to see Jesus soon, this is the start. For example, if God allows, I'm going to be a mother for many more years. I'm going to play piano for many more years. One bad day- or week- is no reason to quit. 

6. Remember what you want to leave behind. How do you want to be remembered? Are you acting that way today regardless of how others are acting? 

7. Don't escape. Not via the internet, working over, neglecting duties, or anything else. Pour yourself into what God has given you to do. 

8. This too shall pass. Really, it will. 

9. Live it anyway. Whatever your "it" is. Live it with all your energy. How you feel about it is irrelevant.  

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