Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Goals Recap

August is quickly ending and summer is almost gone again! Summer transitions to fall sometime during September for me. I don't care what the calendar says. 

So how did those goals go?

Well...I didn't meet any of them.

What??? But it's ok. I did WAY more on all of them than I would have without the goals. And really, that's the point. 

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1. Drink 1 Dr. Pepper a week (16 oz.). I realized I had a problem with this several weeks in when I found out a can had 12 ounces, not 8. Oops! There were a few weeks when I had decidedly more than 16 ounces but no where near the amount I would have consumed if I weren't paying attention!

2. Finish my second music technique book. I either underestimated the time it would take to learn these songs well or overestimated the time I would have to practice. However, I am halfway through the book and working through it much faster than I did the first one. 

Oh, and I'm also working steadily through my scales book and even my music theory book! Learning is so fun and I'm really enjoying the work. 

3. Stay under my allotted grocery budget. I hit this over 75% of the time. Go, me! 

My perfectionist past rejects this but I consider my summer goals a success. I worked significantly harder and achieved more than I would have without them. And that's really what I wanted: a little more motivation. 

Now to figure out my fall goals. I know one of them will be to finish the other half of that music technique book.  The others are currently undecided. 

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  1. My mind has been going over some fall goals, too! I tend to over do it though and plan enough for 10 years ! :)