Monday, August 12, 2013

Worshiping in Obedience

Yesterday in Sunday School our Pastor presented a lesson on King Saul. King Saul was handpicked by God to rule His people and still ended in disgrace. That's what everyone remembers about Saul: his end. That''s what people will remember about me as well. 

Saul's disobedience was his problem. He decided that he knew better than God. I got several thoughts during the lesson. 

1. It is of the utmost importance that I teach my children to obey. Regardless of any excuses. I teach our children to obey so that they understand what God wants of them once they are grown. I am His representative in their lives. I am teaching them to please God when I teach them to obey. 

2. It is of the utmost importance that I obey. Regardless of any excuses. 

But the next one was the big one. 

3. Obedience is worship

Saul disobeyed under the guide of worshiping God (1 Samuel 15). The first time the word "worship" is used it's in talking about Abraham sacrificing Isaac. It's used about obedience, not waving hands in the air or feeling good. 

I think the tendency is to "spiritualize" worship. It's an emotion or an experience instead of an action. We have "worship" services and sing songs about worship. We rarely sing songs about obedience and dying to self. But God wants us to obey more than anything. And obeying normally takes dying to self. 

Do I want to obey more than anything? 
Will I obey when I want to rest? 
Will I obey when I want to please myself? 
Will I  obey when it's not something I like? 
Will I obey when I want to get my own way? 
Will I obey when it's unpopular? 
Will I obey when it makes me uncomfortable? 

"Will I obey?" is the question. Yes, the desire to obey is wonderful but it's not always going to be there. Will I obey regardless of any excuses- including how I feel at that particular moment? My feelings do not have to be in charge of my life. They are a harsh master. 

Today, my work can be worship. I can move in obedience to God through my Monday and Tuesday and my whole week. I don't have to feel bad that I'm changing diapers and cooking lunch instead of sitting in peace "worshiping." In my obedience to the tasks God has given me I am worshiping Him. 

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