Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Relax, It's Just A Bad Day

Sometimes you have a bad day. 

I don't know what causes your bad days. But I know some things that cause mine. 

Sometimes bad days are caused by short nights and busy days. No time to rest, breathe, focus. 

Sometimes bad days are caused by doctor's appointment with three-year-olds who are terrified of the doctor. Everything associated with the doctor- gloves, band-aids, thermometers. 

Sometimes bad days are caused by milestones. Or rather, unmet milestones. A three-year-old who doesn't talk much. Or isn't potty-trained. 

Sometimes a bad day is a fearful day. Fearful of the future. Fearful of the job being done. Fearful of what's not being done. 

Sometimes a bad day is a worrying day. 

But bad days don't have to take over. 

Take a deep breath it's just a bad day not a bad life

  • Take a deep breath. Pray. Jesus can handle it; He always knows. 
  • Slow down. All of that...stuff doesn't have to be done now. Probably none of it does. Take a nap. Read with the kids. Go on a walk. Go to bed early. 
  • Refresh yourself with Scripture. God's Word is full of encouragement. He already knows and is walking ahead. 
All of those things you've purposed? That you decided matter more than anything else? Don't change those. You may not feel it right now but they still matter. A quote I've always remembered says, "Don't doubt in the darkness what you believed in the light." 

Evaluate and if you need to change a method, change it. If not, keep on. Even if it's not showing results.  Even if you're falling on your face more than you're walking. Even if it's a little strange to everyone else. 

Speak truth to yourself. Remind yourself that you'll feel better after you slow down and get a good's night sleep if you're tired. Remind yourself that milestones were developed with the average child in mind and not one that had a metabolic crisis when he was five days old. 

Celebrate the small things. You can rejoice in the work you've accomplished. The smiles you caused. The progress your children are making. 
Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. Ps. 68:19
And when in doubt of what to do forget what you feel. Forget what other people might be thinking. Just do what God would want you to do. Don't know? Ask Him; read His Word. He's not hiding. 

He's always there. 

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