Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Goals

Summer is almost here! Well, for practical purposes at our house it is here. Mostly because it's warm and the college students are gone. When you live in a college town and your husband works at the university that's a very noticeable change. I love summer but I can't believe this much of the year has passed by already! Let's put the brakes on time and not just for the baby (who's trying to crawl!). 

 I'd like to make some summer goals for June, July, and August. But I'm not sure what yet. I want them to be measurable so that I will know if I've met them. And I want them to be realistic; sometimes my expectations can be a little high. I guess that's better than not expecting myself to do anything! 

I'm throwing around a few ideas and I'll try to let you know next week what I've decided. I'm leaning toward making three goals right now but I may change my mind. 

Do you have any summer goals? 

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