Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Goals

The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul:  Pro. 13:19a
Picking out three summer goals was a lot harder than I expected it to be! I went to my husband for suggestions and he had some great ones. Problem was all of them were going to take lots of time. Time that I couldn't find in my calendar on a regular basis.  I wanted some goals that would push me in what I was already doing. 

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Now I picked three for simplicity. And it's easier to keep up with and not feel overwhelmed. But imagine if I did three every three months? That's twelve goals a year! 12, people! I really think I could be accomplishing more than I am. Now after that sorry pep talk- the goals! 

June-July-August Goals

1. Drink 1 Dr. Pepper a week. I'm crying a little here, folks. I'm drinking a glass of Dr. Pepper now. I love the stuff! But it's full of junk. It's just unnecessary liquid calories. And sugar makes you fat. (That's my main thought on weight control.) Now please note, I did not say that I was NEVER EVER going to drink Dr. Pepper again. I'm just limiting it to one a week. And not one 2 liter either. 16 ounces. 

2. Finish my second music technique book. That's measurable and it will be pushing it to finish in three months.  I've planned several things to help me with this. 

A. I already set the keyboard back up in our bedroom so I can use it to practice while the boys are napping, after they've gone to bed, before they get up, etc., etc. A few minutes here and there will add up. And it allows me to spend my normal practice time at the piano on other things if I've already done/will be doing scales and technique. 
B. I'm going to count how many songs are in the book and divide it by 12 so I know how many I need to finish per week. I haven't done that yet and it scares me a little! 

And did I mention I still have five songs left in the first book to finish?? Better get on that. I still have seven days left this month! 

3. Stay under my allotted grocery budget.  This is not because of a money crunch. God has blessed and we budget so that's not the issue. But I have three motivations for this. I want to
  • be disciplined with our money
  • be a good steward of what God has provided
  • be a blessing to my husband. 
Will all this really accomplish anything in our lives? I hope so! I hope that really pushes me to grow in my piano playing. And not waste that five minutes on Pinterest when I could work on a song. I hope the other two help me grow in self-discipline and who doesn't need that? Hopefully I'll be healthier and wealthier too! ha! That was a joke...well, the wealthy part was. 

Have a good weekend! And since it's not June yet I'm going to drink another glass of Dr. Pepper! 

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