Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Favorites

Right now, as you are reading this (at least if it's after noon), I am out of town on a getaway with the hubby! 

Think DollyWood. I LOVE roller coasters and I intend to ride some. (I did mention we were going alone, right??)  

And we're eating at Outback. I also love bloomin' onions! I intend to eat one. Well, maybe I'll let my husband eat some of it too. :) 

We haven't left overnight since before we had Micah. We've had several trips semi-planned and usually Micah has gotten sick. Once we canceled for a work emergency for Justin. (And no, going to the hospital to have Kevin did not count.) I'm excited to go with just the hubby but I'm a little nervous leaving my baby too! Micah won't even notice we're gone because he'll be having so much fun! 

Marriage is important. I want to keep our marriage a priority. I want our children to know our marriage is a priority. And if that means I have to suffer through food and amusement parks, I'll try to manage! 

You'll see pictures later! Any of you ever been to DollyWood?

(And I seem to have a parenthesis problem.)

Also, I was called to jury duty. Unfortunately I won't be able to complete this because of a childcare issue but I would be honored to. We are fortunate to live in a nation where we are allowed trials and trials by our peers. God bless America! 

And for your viewing entertainment...

And last but not least....Happy Birthday to my Daddy!! Your card is in the mail :) 

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  1. Love love love Dollywood!! We went almost every other summer growing up! Have fun and enjoy your time with your hubby!!