Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favorites

Micah was "helping" Justin play basketball on the Wii!

Beautiful sunset!

I had been looking for a cheap shoe rack for our laundry room closet. I found these stackable shelves on sale at Aldi! They work perfectly and hold just the amount of shoes we keep in that closet! Hurray!

One of my friends bought me a new diaper bag! My old one was falling apart. Isn't it adorable? And yes, I know we have boys but I carry the bag so I wanted a cute one! It's a nice size too :) And the inside is a lovely pink and orange print. It's got great pockets on the inside and outside! I definitely plan on not carrying my purse sometimes!

Yes, he lost his shorts. They are there in the floor. They had lunch on them :)

This boy is a ham when you turn on the camera!

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