Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites: iPads

My husband got a new iPad at work and so I inherited the other one! And I'll just say...I Love It! I'm a little surprised at how much I like it actually; I didn't expect to find so many uses for it! 

It usually lives here in the corner of my kitchen counter. Doesn't it look at home? :)

Some of my favorite things:
- I can text Justin without using up all my text messages
-Micah "facetimes" with Justin about every day
-I get email alerts and can see if I really need to check it
-My menus are now on the iPad which is great because it's in the kitchen!
-My to-do list is now on the iPad and I can update it wherever I am
-This awesome app called "evernote." It's available for your computer too and I can move all my Bible study notes and blog post ideas there and be able to access them from my computer or the iPad. This is nice because my  notes are now in about 4 different notebooks and I never know where to find anything. And I can take notes while I'm reading my Bible in the bedroom and find them on my comptuer later!
There are many other reasons I love the iPad but I'll stop there. I'm very thankful to get one without the expense and that it will help me be more organized/efficient with my work!

My hubby even bought me a cool red case!

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