Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goal Check!

The beginning of April seemed like a great time to think about my goals for the year. We're already a quarter of the way through the year and I wondered how I was doing. The main word for this year is "consistency." The things I feel are important enough to invest my time in need to be done on a regular basis, none of them are one-and-done items. So how am I doing? Let's start with the positive. I'm doing great in some areas! I'm practicing piano consistently, at least five days a week, normally more. Normally this happens during Micah's nap time (we have a keyboard with volume control!). I'm also working on incorporating baby play time into my schedule at home so I have plenty of time to play with Micah and still get my work done.
Some areas I'm not doing well in at all! Mostly exercise. Oops! So I have a new plan. There are some ladies at church that go running in the mornings before Micah is up and starting Thursday, I'm going with them! That will also help me be more consistent in getting up early. I did this for quite a while before I got pregnant with Micah, but I must admit I stopped when it was about 15 degrees outside and we were running at 5 in the morning. Now it's warming up for the spring and we're going at 6:45! That's much better for me.
Hopefully I can take a few minutes every month for the rest of the year and see what I need to change. And maybe, come December, we can see some progress and set new goals for 2012!

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