Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

I distinctly remember...

Sitting on the couch holding my baby listening to Justin call the doctor’s office
The tenseness in the car as we tried to joke around on the way to the doctor’s office
The panicked look on the nurse’s face when she weighed Micah and took his temperature
The nurse practitioner leaving the room to get the doctor
Not checking out…just going straight to the ER

Watching them hook Micah up to IV’s and monitor’s
Being told different times that the helicopter would be there to get him
The doctor repeating what he was being told to do by UK
The lady in the hallway asking me if that was my baby in the room
Trying to eat the hamburger that our pastor’s wife brought me
Standing outside the ER watching them load Micah onto the helicopter

Trying to decide what to pack for a stay of indefinite length
Thinking about posting something on Facebook to let people know what was going on and then realizing we didn’t know what to post

Being told we couldn’t see Micah yet because they were still working on him
The nurse that very solemnly told us that Micah was very sick, nothing else
Crying as I watched my baby struggle to breathe
Seeing my parents in the waiting room

Sitting with Justin in the parent room we got to stay in that night wondering
Pretending to eat the next day while hoping that before Micah died they unplugged everything and let me hold him
Reading over the information on IVA that we were given
The resident that told us that she wasn’t going to leave Micah there to see what happened, instead she was going to send him to CCHMC
Realizing that Micah was only managing to maintain his heartbeat on his own; they were doing everything else for him
Sitting with our pastor and pastor’s wife while the transport team from Cincinnati got Micah ready to travel
Seeing the resident cry while she was watching me cry when we saw Micah before they left with him

But God was still there.

I also distinctly remember...

Justin asking me if I wanted to go to the doctor’s office or the ER and me answering the doctor’s office
Micah’s newborn screening coming in while we were in the room at the doctor’s office
Micah’s doctor setting everything up with Corbin and UK
Micah’s doctor praying with us before we left the office
The information given by UK to help the doctor at Corbin
The presence of our pastor and pastor’s wife
Knowing that our parents were on the way
The resident saying she was sending Micah to CCHMC because they could help him
The phone calls from people letting us know they were praying for our family
The comforting words in my Bible that helped carry me through
My husband’s support and the comfort of our marriage

(We took him to the doctor’s office Wednesday morning, April 28, 2010, one year ago today.)

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