Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Days

Monday and Tuesday night of this week Justin, Micah, and I traveled over the mountain to a church right outside Knoxville, TN, for a Bible conference. It was a nostalgic trip for us because we played their school's ball teams in high school. The conference was great; we were really glad we were able to go and hear the preaching. Tuesday afternoon I was also able to attend a ladies tea with Mrs. Cindy Schaap. She's the pastor's wife at FBC Hammond and one of my favorite speakers. It was such a blessing! My wonderful husband hung out with Micah for an hour and a half so I could go. Isn't he the greatest?

Micah's Cambrooke food arrived this week too. Cambrooke Foods makes special low-protein foods for people with metabolic disorders. The food is very expensive, but thankfully our insurance pays for a lot of it. This will be such a help in feeding Micah! I'll use the flour as an example. One cup of regular all-purpose flour has 12 grams of protein or 840 mg. of leucine. This is a problem because right now Micah only gets 800 mg. of leucine per day. The Cambrooke flour has 12 mg. of leucine in a cup. So 840 or 12? I'll take the 12! This will really come in handy as Micah gets older and starts to eat more. The only thing we have used so far is the cheese. Justin and I both tried it and it's really good! But it doesn't melt well so I'll be looking for another alternative for some foods, like macaroni and cheese. It's essential for that dish that the cheese melts :) I have a couple of options in mind to try. We also got "chicken nuggets" that are "made with the finest mushrooms." I also intend to try these and learn to make them myself. They're roughly two dollars per nugget. I think I can do better than that!
Micah's favorite part was the box! He's really been enjoying it and it's still in the living room!!

On another note, Micah's 1st birthday is one week from today! I can hardly believe it!

We also went to the Faculty/Staff Dinner at UC on Friday. Micah stayed with our pastor's wife and we had a great time! The food was great and the time with Justin's colleagues was fun as well! They're a great bunch of people!

It's been a great week and tomorrow is Western Sunday at church! We will have a great time! Come out and join us if you're in the area!

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