Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Purpose: Why I Read My Bible

I attended a ladies lunch last spring where Cindy Schaap was speaking. She was talking about the importance of reading the Bible and she said "No one needs to see me without Jesus." Isn't that the truth! I am a sad, miserable mess on my own. I have nothing to offer and no good to show for myself. But with Jesus I can be anything He wants me to be. I can be a wife that encourages and builds up my husband. I can be a mom that loves and trains my child(ren). I can be a homemaker that creates a place of refuge for my family and guests. I can be a soul-winner that impacts my generation for Christ. I can be a lady who shows the world joy in following God. But I can do none of that on my own.

What does this have to do with reading my Bible? The Bible is what changes me. The Bible is how God teaches me Who He is and what He wants me to be. The Bible is what enables me to renew my spirit daily to serve my family and, boy, they are glad I do that! I can draw upon God's strength to get through my day and whatever the day brings.

So I read my Bible in the morning before the rest of my family is up. I moved off our really comfy couch where I had a tendency to fall asleep to the kitchen table where I can brighten the chandelier and stay awake. I read to learn about Jesus not to mark it off my to-do list. I read a little in the afternoons while my little boy is sleeping to renew my spirit. I eat more than once a day, don't I? And you know what? I look forward to it. When I am really struggling or having a hard time dealing with something time in my Bible gives me the strength to get through it with a cheerful spirit.

Sometimes I don't notice an immediate change. I may wonder if reading the Bible is really doing me any good. But I can look back over the past year and see some ways that God has changed me. And I know it's all from the Bible. And besides that, God commands me to read my Bible. And God always blesses obedience.


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