Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites: Good Reports

Yesterday we took a family trip to Cincinnati for Micah's doctor's appointments. We stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way up to let Micah get out and play. And apparently every other parent within 50 miles had the same idea! He seemed to have fun though. We ate while we were there and Micah though their fries were delicious. At least, if he didn't, he ate most of them!

Micah's metabolic doctor was thrilled with him. He's growing and developing well. They did some bloodwork to check his amino acid levels since he was sick a few weeks ago. Also he has some eczema which is probably due to the cold but it can be caused by low amino acids. So it will be nice to know those numbers.

We also saw surgery about Micah's g-tube. They decided not to mess with the granular tissue around the g-tube because it wasn't causing any problems. They did however change the g-tube because they said we were probably "running on borrowed time" with the old one.

Micah actually fell asleep in the car for a little bit on the way back! He was exhausted. Then he woke up and was his normal happy self. We ate at Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner and Micah enjoyed their fries too. And the tomatoes off of our appetizer plate.

It was dark after we left the restaurant and I turned the light on in the back so that Micah could look at his book. Then we turned the light off and played Sesame Street on the iPad :)

I did have a dream last night that Micah's -tube came out. I managed to wake Justin up (oops!) but I realized as I was turning the light on that Micah was asleep in his bed!

We're thankful for our little's boy health and the awesome people that help care for him!

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