Tuesday, January 24, 2012

21 Months!

I can't believe it's only 3 more months until Micah is 2! The time has gone by so quickly! He is so much fun and we love having him!

He loves to run, climb, jump, turn in circles, and go backwards.

He says
-eye (and pokes me in the eye to get his point across!)
-hot (and waves his hand; this is mostly about the stove but occasionally the bathwater too)

When you tell him to say "bye-bye" he blows kisses. It's adorable. He even blew a kiss to the lady that drew his blood at the hospital last week.

He will keep doing anything if you applaud for him! He really hams it up for an audience.
He loves to read. His favorite books are changing now to bigger ones.

He still LOVES Mary Poppins. The other morning he went over to the tv to get me to turn it on. I told him that we weren't watching tv until after breakfast. Then I asked him if he wanted toast and jelly (one of his favorites). He said "uh-huh" and went back to the tv. haha It was hilarious! He did eat toast and jelly before we turned on the movie! If you even say "Mary Poppins" he jumps up and runs to the tv!

He is doing so well drinking his formula! He's usually done by naptime and that's amazing since I've spent his whole life shoving formula on the kid.

He's starting to get interested in coloring. It keeps his attention for about 10 seconds! Then he wants to go outside.

He can identify his nose, ears, tongue, arms, belly, and feet for you.

He knows where all the rooms in the house are and can report to that place when sent there. That's really nice :)

He helps me carry laundry baskets and shoves the clothes into the dryer when I put them on the dryer door. He also picks up all his toys.

He loves bathtime! His favorite thing is to fill his cup with water and shake it up and down! Yes, this slings water everywhere but we just wipe it up.

We are so thankful for our little boy!


  1. All of these great things Micah does are a great testament to you! God has given you wisdom to seek out other ladies like our Pastor's wife to train you how to teach our son to be a good boy. I'm so happy we can enjoy Micah instead of dreading "the terrible two's" that come about by a severe lack of discipline. I love you both very much and am very proud of both of you!


  2. awe i love this update! he and evie are on the same level, except she is the most stubborn little girl ever and will ONLY talk when SHE wants to talk! lol he is so cute! and i cant believe our babies have gotten this big already! xo!