Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Problem is Me

I've discovered an ugly truth in my life. I know, you want to know because we love to know dirt on people. And since I brought it up...... The problem is always me. ALWAYS.

The problem is not that the weather's gloomy, or that my husband isn't paying me enough attention, or that my child didn't nap, or that someone said something to hurt my feelings, or that I'm not appreciated, or fill-in-the-blank with any excuse that we make for our bad attitude/behavior. The problem is me. My heart. My attitude. My expectations.

I've never found a clause in the Bible that says I can have a bad attitude if someone treats me badly. Or even not quite the way I wanted.

I've not found a verse that states that I can put myself at the center of the universe and expect everyone to revolve around me as I so often do.

I've not seen where my spirit is dependent on the weather or my company or my situation.

What I have seen is that God expects me to control my spirit. Pro. 25:28
God expects me to forget self and serve others. Phil. 2:4
God expects me to rejoice no matter my situation. Phil. 4:4
God expects me to love regardless of what the other person is doing. 1 Cor. 13:4-7

The problem starts with me when I decide to be selfish and make life about what I want to do. The problem ends with me when I decide to submit to what God wants me to do and be. And because God is so generous He even allows happiness to come through obeying Him.



  1. How true this post is! I appreciate your perspective and hope to embrace it the next time I find myself blaming circumstances for my attitude! :)


  2. Well put! This is a good reminder.